Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Weight Loss Drinks, Natural Fat Cutter Drinks

Weight Loss Drink with Grapefruit juice:


1 cup grapefruit juice
2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar
1 tsp Honey

Mix honey and vinegar with grapefruit juice and drink this juice before every meal and feel it burns away your fat. Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce your body fat percentage.

Weight Loss Drink with Chia Seeds:


Half Lemon
1 tbsp Chia seeds
1 tsp Honey
1 glass Water

Soak the chia seeds in 1 glass of water for an hour, now add honey and lemon juice to it. Have this juice every morning to accelerate your metabolism and lose those extra pounds in few days. And this drink is packed up with healthy benefits.

Weight Loss Drink with Cucumber :


1 Small sized cucumber
1 cup water
parsley leaves
Grated ginger
Half lemon

Grind all the ingredients in a mixer jar and your juice is ready. Drink this juice on a regular basis before you go to bed. It is a natural drink and boost your metabolism, make your immune system strong then you lose body fat.

Weight Loss Drink with Spinach:


1 cup pineapple juice
half lemon
grated ginger

Blend a cup of chopped spinach in a mixer and add a cup of pineapple juice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and grated ginger to it and mix well. Pour this juice in a glass and serve chilled. Spinach help you lose weight because they are low in calories and rich in nutrients that boost your immune system so you burn more just including it in your diet.

Weight Loss Drink with Cinnamon Powder:


1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp honey
1 glass warm water

Take 1 glass of hot water then add cinnamon powder to it and wait for half an hour, let water come to the room temperature, now add honey and stir well. Drink this juice on an empty stomach for 1 month to get some good results.

Weight Loss Drink with Bitter Gourd: 


1 bitter gourd
1 apple
1 cucumber
1 lemon

Peel of the bitter gourd skin and remove the seeds. Now blend the apple, cucumber along with the bitter gourd in a juicer. If your juice tastes too bitter, you can add more apples or vegetables of your choice. Now strain the juice and finally squeeze the lemon and drink. If you can have this juice in a regular basis, it is an excellent choice for healthy weight loss. If you want you can even include the peel and seeds for the preparation and add 1 tsp honey to reduce bitterness.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Best Homemade Skin Tightening Face Masks, Natural Skin Tightening Facial Masks

Listed below are some easy and natural skin tightening mask recipes that you can easily make at home. You can use any one or two of these tightening masks at least twice a week for wrinkle free skin.

Banana for Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: Banana, olive oil and honey
Peel the banana and make a paste using fork or hand with no lumps then add honey and olive oil to it. Mix all ingredients well and apply this banana mask all over your face and neck. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Try to use this mask at least once in a week. Banana is high in fats which can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Antioxidants in Honey and olive oil will repair the damaged skin cells.

Egg for Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: Egg white, yogurt, lemon juice and sugar
Take one egg white then mix it with yogurt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and little sugar. Apply this mixture on your face and wait for until it gets dry then wash it off. Use this mask once in a week to notice results. Egg whites and lemon have astringent properties that shrink the pores by tightening the skin. Yogurt cleanses your skin and sugar works as natural exfoliator which can eliminate dead skin cells and reverse aging signs. 

Multani Mitti For Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth), milk
Make a fine paste with multani mitti by adding sufficient milk to it. Spread this paste evenly on all over your face and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes or until it gets dry then rinse with normal water. Use this multani mitti face mask once in every week for at least a month to see good results. Fuller’s earth fights with pimples, blemishes and improves your skin tone. Milk protects your skin from damage and make your skin softer.

Oatmeal for Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: Oats, Gram Flour, Honey and Rose Water
Blend the oats into a powder and add gram flour, honey and rose water to make a paste. Apply this oat meal mask to your face and leave it for 15 minutes then clean with warm water. Try to use this face mask once in a week. Oatmeal absorbs the impurities and dirt stayed in your skin pores. Antioxidants in oats helps in soothes the skin and it protects your skin from free radical damage. Gram flour and honey avoid the natural aging process and keep your skin nourished.

Clay Mask for Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, rose water, powdered milk
Combine all these ingredients in a bowl and make a fine paste. Spread the mask evenly on all over your face and neck. Let it get dry for 15 minutes then wash your face. Use this clay mask once or twice in a week. Clay masks are excellent for skin tightening, it reduce the appearance of scars, cleanses the skin and and gives you an even skin tone.

Castor Oil Mask for Skin Tightening:

Ingredients: castor oil and lemon juice
Add lemon juice to the castor oil and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face and neck then massage for a few minutes in a circular motion. Leave it for half an hour or on overnight then rinse with lukewarm water then followed by cool water. If you do this Castor oil massage once or twice in a week you get the best results. This is an excellent skin conditioner and help you get rid of skin dryness and dry patches on your face in just a few applications and make your skin soft and smooth.
You can also use almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil to this recipe.